Why I like challenges

If you sit in any work meetings you hear people trying to position things in different ways. We have to optimize the situation vs do our best or look for synergy vs try to cooperate. Look out if we have issues vs problems, the whole company may fail. I get that people are trying to be creative or sound more educated or motivate people. It all just seems kind of fake and sometimes may have the opposite effect as the audience reads between the lines and wonders how bad is it and what are they leaving out if they have to sugarcoat the situation.

My favorite corporate speak comparison is opportunity vs challenge. I know we legitimately have both but I prefer challenges over opportunities.

Now this may seem counter to being more than half full but I like challenges more than opportunities. Here are the differences to me. An opportunity it something to be “taken advantage of”. Taking advantage of something while not always bad, like taking advantage of a job offer, seems like the easy way or that I may be exploiting someone’s weakness. This is negative to me in that I was taught that while life may not be fair it doesn’t mean you kick someone when they are down or revel in someone else’s misfortune. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you don’t do your best or play to your potential, you just don’t play dirty. In some cases that is what “taking advantage of an opportunity” can seem like.

On the other hand a challenge seems more positive to me. It is something to be overcome, like going to the moon or flying around the globe non-stop. It is doing something hard, knowing it will be hard and doing it anyway because it is the right thing or the best thing. There is a nobleness in overcoming a challenge. A challenge is hard by nature and that isn’t a bad thing. Challenges help us grow, and learn. Challenges push us to be our best.

Isn’t that what we all really want to do?