What am I thankful for – New Girl

This may sound like a weird thing to be thankful for but in these strange times I will take what I can get.

This week I am thankful for the show New Girl. Yes the goofy show that can be found on Neflix. It’s goofy. Its about a bunch of people a lot younger than we are. What is great is its a 20 minute show that is light hearted and no matter what chaos is going on in the real world it will lighten your day.

This week we got a special connection to the show. We watched episode called the Swuit, a goofy invention a couple of characters are trying to pitch to an investor. The next day in one of my news feeds what do I see? An article about the Swuit which referenced the episode we just watched.

I know its coincidental but it is funny to see things like that happen. I hope you are finding shows that make you happy and can distract you from these strange times.