What am I thankful for day3

I’m taking the lay up and building on yesterday and being thankful for everyone who has one of these.

I voted

Regardless of how the election turns out we all need to be thankful for those who participated. The campaigners, the candidates, the voters, the poll workers and yes even those who robocall, text and advertise to us during the elections. Without them we would lose part of what makes our elections fair and free.

Many of us won’t be happy with the results. As I said yesterday as long as we respect each other and the rights we have as being Americans to free and fair elections those who don’t get their way can live knowing they were heard. Those who win owe it to those who have served and died for for our rights to continue to support and defend the ability to express a dissenting opinion. Both sides need to focused on being a United States of America. The only way we can be a make us stronger and better country.