What am I thankful for day 6

This blog is for the 6th of November but I am way behind. We had to pack for our trip to Minnesota to see my parents. It wasn’t a hard pack but we did have to get thing put together and prepare for a long drive on Saturday.


So what was I thankful for? I was thankful for Red Hat. I work for a good company. Friday I had to get my benefit enrollment finished so I wouldn’t have to deal with it on vacation.


Red Hat has been a good place to work for over 9 years. Good people, a good culture that lets you have your say even if it doesn’t change anything. The biggest thing is that even during a pandemic we are still growing and taking care of Red Hatters. I know that finances drive that but it is still good to be with a company that did things like implementing Red Hat Recharge days even though people had more than enough PTO since they weren’t taking vacations. They gave everyone a work from home bonus to help people get set up to work from home. There are many other things that the company has done and people have done.


One example is conference calls. People are much more tolerant of kids, dogs or other distractions and are willing to work around personal schedules knowing we are all trying our best.


Thanks Red Hat for looking out for your people.