What am I thankful for day 5 – Distractions

I am actually a day behind on writing this blog. Which is why I am using the reason I’m behind on distractions.


I had every intention of writing this last night in my usual time. But with our upcoming trip and we had only two episodes of “The Americans” to watch so you could say I was distracted from my task.


Being distracted these days isn’t always a bad thing. There are so many things we can focus on too intensely to be healthy. The election, the pandemic, global warming. The list could go on and on.


My biggest distractions these days are my new camera, college football and trying to enjoy good weather while we have it. While I may not get everything done on time, in most cases that isn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. If the pandemic has helped many of us with one thing its perspective. Many of the things we thought were so important now seem less so.


Am I glad that I was late with my blog? No, but I also realize that spending time with my wife and making sure we have a smooth trip is more important.