What am I thankful for day 4

My theme of the day is patience. It started from the need for patience needed to wait for the results of an election that most people are in a hurry to have over.


As I think about patience so much more comes to mind. I am going to visit my parents this weekend which led me to thinking of my parents who must have been patient with their son during college. Changing schools, majors, the girlfriend drama. It was quite a four years followed by a few struggles to really get my feet under me. I need to repay some of that patience as I am on the other end of that equation.


It’s hard sometimes to be patient. We get in such a hurry to move on the next thing or we have somewhere we thing we need to be and we don’t take the extra minute to do something for others like listen to someone who doesn’t have many people to talk to but who wants to share something with you because they don’t have others to share with. The difference a little patience will make to the other person is immeasurable.


Sometimes we need to have patience with ourselves. We have high expectations or compare ourselves to others. Thinking that we need to be better. Not only that we want to be the best now. Even if we haven’t put in the work. Having patience with ourselves can help us slow down and really learn how to do something well. Taking the time to earn what we get often makes us more thankful for what we have and appreciate the journey.