Starting Again

This blog started as a way for me to project positive thoughts to others and to help my attitude during a period of unemployment. While I am not unemployed I find myself again in a need to focus on the positive in life an hopefully share those thoughts with others so here we go again.

To get things going again I am going to pass on a random act of kindness. Yesterday I was busy doing some work around the house with my earbuds in listening to a podcast when I phone rang. Since Susan is out of town I thought it might be her trying to touch base as we were supposed to talk the night before but she ended up going to bed before calling me.

When I answered the phone a man said he was making calls to strangers during the Corona virus outbreak to pass on words of encouragement. For an instant I responded ” Great I’m going to get some spiel on how I should join some random church”. I was able to move myself past that and assume positive intent and listen to what the man was saying. He said that he wanted to pass on good news from the Bible and read me a passage from Isiah about God always being there for us and how that made him feel better knowing that God would always be there especially in times like this.

I again started waiting for the hard sell. It never came. He did say if I wanted to find more inspiring words I could go to which of course is the Jehovah’s Witness web site. He said it so fast I wouldn’t’ have been able to write it down if the website name had been any longer. With that he wished me a good day and hung up.

That call did several things. First it made me mad at myself for being suspicious. I know they are doing it to pass on the word of God and in subtle way recruit new members. If my Pastor reads this, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.

It did put some good news into my day. Not that I was having a bad day. I was working well on a project but who can’t use more good in their day and that was what this was intended and what it was for me.

Finally, it made me realize I need to focus on the positive more, part of which is getting back to seeing and writing about the good things in the world around me.

I won’t promise to write every day but I will be back with more positive thoughts soon.