November Theme – What am I thankful for? Day 1

In response to how weird this year has been and the things we are missing from our old normal, I am going to take the month of November. It would be easy for each of us to look at this year and be mad, frustrated or confused. I am going to use this month to look at the things I still have and might be taking for granted that I should really be appreciating. You don’t have to write a blog about what you are thankful for but I would ask that you take the time and write down 30 things (yes one for each day in November) and think about how blessed you are.


If you are a friend of mine and you can’t come up with at least 30 I will buy you a beer and at least take one more off your list. (Friends who pay off their bets) Here goes for November 1st.

While those of you who live in Dallas know we had dreadful weather the first part of last week and might argue with me for a minute I am thankful for the weather we have in Texas especially when they start with a sunrise like this.

Early morning flight

Yes it can get hot in the summer. That’s why we have air conditioning. Overall though it is nice. I can ride my bike all year except for a few day a year (not that I do, but I could).  Our spring and fall are really nice and are great for camping and getting outside.

And when the day is through,we get sunsets like this.


Lets see how far I get on my list.  Come back tomorrow.