No Job Joy #3 Meeting new people

One of the joys we have when we are unemployed is that we have the time and the need to meet new people. Some of these people will be ones we have to meet, recruiters, HR people, unemployment office workers and the like. Others will be people we are asking for help from in our job search.

The cool thing about meeting new people is you have the chance to make a first impression. You have a blank slate with this person. This means you can be the person you want to be with them, so unless you want to be seen as a bitter resentful person, get over your separation or leave it at home.

The way to get the most out of meeting new people is to set goals. A few I can personally recommend are, learn something personal about them like their spouses name or if they have a dog. LinkedIn and Facebook are great starting points for this. If it is true networking meeting be specific and set a goal like gettin 3 new networking contacts. The second thing is to make sure you have something to share with them. In other words thing about what is in it for them and then deliver. It could be a relevant news article or a contact they may need for their work.

I know this can be scary for some people. It is for me sometimes but it is something you can practice and become more comfortable with. In the end hopefully we will make new friends and how is that scary.

A goal I have set during my job search is to meet at least one new person every week. As I do, I will let you know who and how it went including highlights of what I got from the meeting and how I feel I helped the other person.