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At least the tree is still taller than they are

Tonight my sons and I went and picked out our Christmas tree.  Despite that fact that they are 11 and 13 they didn’t mind that we walked down to the neighborhood nursery to pick out the tree.  They happily looked through the selection of trees and easily decided on a tree.  After my evaluation of […]

Do they love me or are they trying to kill me?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my parents came down from Minnesota. Growing up in Iowa we always had Anderson Erickson Dairy products. This time of year was especially anticipated as they make their Egg Nog. I don’t know if this is really good egg nog or just that it brings back childhood memories of Christmas but […]

How you can make your world a better place

I am reading a book called Switch How to change things when change is hard. One thing it talks about is focusing on the bright spots or successes that you already have and replicating them.   This is a great More Than Half Full concept. Focus on whats working With out giving you all the examples […]

No Job Joy #73 Riding into the wind

Spring in Texas Spring is a great time for cyclist.  The days get longer and the weather gets warmer so we can ride more.  The one down side about spring is that it often brings strong winds.  Most cyclists would rather ride up a mountain pass than spend any significant time riding into the wind. […]