This seems like a given during times like these but it needs to be said. Susan and I are both still working although she is working partially at home it has been pretty much business as usual for us. That is until Nick came home for the summer. Fortuneatly for all of us he was […]

Starting Again

This blog started as a way for me to project positive thoughts to others and to help my attitude during a period of unemployment. While I am not unemployed I find myself again in a need to focus on the positive in life an hopefully share those thoughts with others so here we go again. […]

On the road again

While it was a great holiday break that extended through January, I finally took my first rides of the year this weekend. It was a great reminder of why I like to ride. A great workout, my legs felt like the good old days and it was warm enough to wear just a jersey. Its […]

Why I like challenges

If you sit in any work meetings you hear people trying to position things in different ways. We have to optimize the situation vs do our best or look for synergy vs try to cooperate. Look out if we have issues vs problems, the whole company may fail. I get that people are trying to […]

Flat tire not flat day

We had recently taken a trip and just pulled into the garage. It had been a fun trip. Good for work, good to get away with Susan. Then as I was unloading I heard it. HHHHSSSSS. I look at the rear tire and there it is a hole in the tire that is leaking air […]

Friday night pizza again?!?!

My wife doesn’t really like pizza. Well at least not as much as our kids. When they were younger we started the “tradition” of having pizza for Friday night dinner and watching TV together. As they go older it never really went away except when they had marching band or other activities on Friday night. […]