No Job Joy #15 Finishing projects

Before I get in to today’s joy I didn’t forget # 13 because I am superstitious. I basically lost track before I posted yesterday. The joy I have today is getting things done. Yes this applies whether or not you are working but my projects are specifically around the house that I didn’t have time […]

No Job Joy #14 Individuality

For anyone who thought I might have been a bit down on my last post, for the record, my brother’s all have good lives but I wouldn’t trade with any of them. With that said the joy for today is individuality. Being unique is important. First I wouldn’t want to be any one else and […]

No Job Joy # 10 Going 100%

I had a football coach who said I don’t care if you screw up as long as you are at full speed. Looking back on that it really applies well to life as well as football. Say the worst thing happens and you are going the “wrong” direction. If you are at 100% you will […]

No Nob Joy #8 The help of strangers

Sometimes people are amazing. From what is printed in the paper and on TV one would assume that people just don’t care for each other any more. These days I am even more convinced that those stories are printed because they sell papers not reflect the truth about people. As I have been working my […]

No job joy #7 Smiles

Today I was on my way home at the end of a bicycle ride and was at a stoplight. In the car next to me was a little boy in a baseball cap just tall enough to see out the window. He looked over at me with a coy smile and waved. I waved back […]