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29 July
Chris Arends

This may sound weird that I haven’t been able to get back to blogging on a regular basis for so long. Maybe it was that I didn’t have anything to say. Maybe I was just lazy. It could be any one of a dozen or more reasons. The things is I want go get back to writing more. I also want to take more photos and do something more with them. What has been stopping me? Me is the the short answer.

There are always stories in the news or we all have friends that are super achievers that make us want to vomit but we like them anyway. One reason is that they do inspire us even if they make us feel unworthy sometimes. So I need to get out of my own way, stop wasting time that I could be doing things that are more productive for me, my family, my job and just the world in general.

Some of my struggle has been what do I write about. My original purpose has been gone for so long but the reality is I probably need to keep being positive even though I am working and have been for quite some time. So I may not always write about being more than half full but I will be making an effort to get back into regular writing and posting some more photos as well.

Another reason I want to write more may be my own sense of what did I do with the first 50 years of my life and how will I do better with the next 50 or what ever I get. There are some good and some bad. Either way I still want to do more and do better. Some are bucket list type things others are more existentially motivated and others just sound like fun.

Look for new adventures, new ideas, and more entries. Some entries will be boring as we can’t hit a home run every day we can only do our best.

17 August
Chris Arends

Last night I helped our troop by sitting as part of the board of review process for boys who were ready for advancement.

These boys had to face three adults who were going to ask them about their scouting experience since their last advancement. Some were nervous, some carried themselves with confidence beyond their years.  The main thing is that they all faced their fears and grew in character either in the board or in what they did to earn their advancement.

If ever you are afraid of what the future holds based on the behavior of today’s youth there are always places like the boy scouts where quality boys are learning to be young men.

4 March
Chris Arends

I posted earlier this year about how I am going to practice a bit of leave no trace on my bike rides.  So each time I ride I pick up one piece of trash.   I have noticed since I am now on the look out for trash what people leave behind.  You might think of junk food containers but really it isn’t.   I have picked up at least 5 cigarette packs  since the first of the year.

The good news for me is they are lighter and smaller than the beer and soda containers  so they fit in a jersey pocket better.  The bad thing is that people who can’t take care of their bodies apparently can’t pick up after them selves either.  My advice to them – quit smoking, and the world will be a cleaner place,  you will live longer and enjoy it more.

Just to prove how many there are I plan to do a leave no trace ride where I pick up all the cigarette packs I find in the 10 miles around the lake.

Stay tuned.

8 October
Chris Arends

Kids learn more from their parents than we ever imagine.  It always amazes me when my kids are in the next room and I am talking with my wife about something then a week later they will ask a question about a conversation we were having, assuming they weren’t listening.  

There are two lessons to learn from this.  First is your kids are always listening even if they don’t respond. (yes this applies to when you ask them to pick up their socks and you get no response)  The second is they learn a lot from us even when we aren’t teaching.

As anyone who has read this blog before knows I am all about having a positive attitude. This is one of the things I am trying to pass on to my kids. Being unemployed has given me a great way to teach my kids some tough life lessons. Things like saving for a rainy day is more than an expression,  money isn’t everything and family is, personal responsibility and faith. . This isn’t the way I wanted to teach some of these lessons but I have the chance to show my kids through my actions how to handle life when the unexpected happens. Chances are I will learn a few things in the process, I just hope I am setting a good example for them.

Today’s joy is the chance to teach my kids real life values.