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31 August
Chris Arends

I was listening to a podcast the other day about creative thinkers. I was trying to think of people in my life that were creative. Since I was thinking about sending my Dad his birthday card he was top of mind. Initially I thought my Dad was far from creative.

For some reason I thought about all the “junk” that he bought at farm auctions and stored in our shop. Then I changed my mind that made re-think how I thought about him. We didn’t have much money at that time so he couldn’t have been buying things just to fill up the shop and make us sort can after can of nuts and bolts. For some of it he probably had to buy the lot to get something specific he wanted. For the other stuff he had plans for. He saw potential. I remember him always talking about a different way to things for the hogs or rigging up something. Not a lot of them got done but he proved something else from the podcast that creative people like Einstein, Edison or Beethoven weren’t necessarily smarter than other people they just had more ideas. By sheer volume they came up with great ideas or amazing music compositions. My Dad had a lot of ideas. They weren’t on the scale of relativity but they were creative. I like to think that he passed on to his sons some of that creativity in how to fix or build things.

His junk was helpful in other ways. It gave us material to play in creative ways. We made star fighters, ships and more from the odd pieces and parts he brought home. We played with that junk over and over again, expanding our imagination. It didn’t hurt that the shop was a good place to hide to keep from getting extra chores.

Thanks Dad for buying junk and seeing the potential and happy birthday.

3 August
Chris Arends

My wife doesn’t really like pizza. Well at least not as much as our kids. When they were younger we started the “tradition” of having pizza for Friday night dinner and watching TV together. As they go older it never really went away except when they had marching band or other activities on Friday night. Now that they grown my wife still likes to keep the tradition alive. As I said it isn’t that she likes pizza all that much its that it gives her time with them when they are home.

It doesn’t really matter much what we watch, where we get the pizza just as long as we are together.

6 December
Chris Arends

I have been reading “Tuesdays with Morrie” which was left behind by Nick when he went off to college this fall. In it he talks about living as if today were the day were your last. As this is the Christmas season it got me thinking about the future. With Nick and Christine still dating and Robert thinking of the military as an option for next year this could be our last Christmas together with two special people that could very loosely be regarded as children in the house.

With Robert at almost 6’7″ it is hard to call him a child but he is still our little boy. He doesn’t have the responsibilities of being an adult yet but is quickly making some of those transitions. Nick is off at college so we don’t see or talk to him as much already and he is moving quickly towards going his own way.

While at the request of my Wife and Mother-in-law I have made a Christmas list, what I really want for Christmas this year is for the boys to take time to enjoy the season. This could be the last chance to have a Christmas season where all they have to do is go along for the ride. I want them to think about what it means to be Home. Giving their Mother the “gift” of doing their laundry, making the food they like and of course her baking. I want them to b engaged with the activities that are going on around with both their friends and family. Don’t spend too much time playing video games and share what is going on with those you care about. Before they know it they will have other distractions in the holiday season. As they get older, work, travel, eventually their own families and other distractions that will get in the way of truly enjoying the season.

I know this wish may be as elusive as flying reindeer but I am optimistic.