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27 June
Chris Arends

Yes I know its been more than a month since I posted. It has been a bit crazy in both good and bad ways. More on this to come.

In the mean time More Than Half Full has been a blog for more than a year now. With more than 100 posts I hope those of you who have read it have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed writing it.

Look for a more consistency out of me. and maybe some changes in direction.

10 May
Chris Arends

We all get it and we all hate it but here is a great take on SPAM and seeing something positive.


7 April
Chris Arends

Spring in Texas

Spring is a great time for cyclist.  The days get longer and the weather gets warmer so we can ride more.  The one down side about spring is that it often brings strong winds.  Most cyclists would rather ride up a mountain pass than spend any significant time riding into the wind. I don’t know if it is the relentlessness of the wind or the inability to brag to someone about the hill you climbed, or the fact that you can’t ride around it, there is something we hate about riding into the wind.

Makes you stronger

A job search is a lot like riding into the wind.  It is hard work.  You often have nothing to show for it beyond just getting through the day and nobody likes doing it.  When riding into the wind there is no short cut to your destination.  You have to put in the effort if you are going to reach your turn around point.   The harder you work, the sooner you get there.  There is no substitute.

The thing is that there is always wind.  Some days it is stronger than others or maybe from a better direction depending on your route. In a job search there will be days when you think that every one is working against you, the economy, people who won’t call you back or rejection from those who do.  These all feel like you are riding into the wind.

Heading for Home

The funny thing about the wind is when you get to the half way point of your ride you get to turn around and guess where the wind is?  It’s at your back.  You feel the road moving past you, faster and faster. Your legs feel stronger with each turn of the pedals. Suddenly the wind is your friend and you are speeding to your destination and its not just because the wind is at your back.  It is because all of the hard work that you did into the wind made you stronger, more confident that you could ride well no matter how hard the wind is blowing.

Remember, the next time you feel like you are riding into the wind, when you have worked hard eventually the wind will be at your back and you can cruise home.

14 March
Chris Arends

Get out of the way!!!

I was out on a ride this weekend when the weather was beautiful.  As it was a nice spring day it was one of those days where you want to go as fast as you can.  The bad thing is when the weather is nice everyone is riding around the lake. On one long stretch of road it is normal for cars to have to slow down for cyclists. This is good for safety but annoying if you are a faster rider. Yesterday though I found a bright side.

Being early in the season my legs can take the distance but probably aren’t really ready for 3 hard laps. These slower riders yesterday served a purpose. Because cars are thankfully cautious when passing these slower riders,  they made me slow down when I would have hammered all the way and been totally burned early in my ride. Them making me slow down was better for my ride as it let me recover to ride hard when I had clear road and go harder longer.

Why are you stopping?

As I was finishing up my third lap of the lake, I was coming up a short but steep hill. In front of me was a an older driver. She drove slowly up the hill. Her speed was okay as I was at the end of my ride and not really going to blow by her anyway.   As she came to an intersection where she didn’t have to stop, she did anyway.  Admittedly I was initially a bit annoyed as I had started cramping up the hill and didn’t  want to have to stop. Another rider coming up the hill yelled at her to get moving.  Then I thought about others who may be on the road with her in front of her.  If she didn’t stop what would happen to them.  So if I was inconvenienced for just a second and it saved someone later because she stops that is okay.

Never Mind

The next week I was once again out on a beautiful day. I came up behind a convertible with the top down.  As I got closer I had to slow down again as the drive either didn’t know where they were going or was unconcerned about other people on the road.  At first I flashed back to my previous ride and thought of the benefits of letting people go slow. As I got closer and realized it was a larger, older man, in a Miata with his shirt off with a hairy back. I have since changed my tune. Get out of the way or at least put a shirt on.

Enjoy the spring.

5 March
Chris Arends

Well today I have reached a blogging milestone.  This the 100th post to my blog.

Originally started as a way to keep me focused on a positive attitude during my job search I have found it has been helpful in other ways.

For those of you struggling in your job search or just needing a better attitude I would recommend blogging.  It will help you get your mind straight.  The process of looking for something worth blogging about which is also positive has helped me focus on the good things that are happening to me and those around me. I’m not sure how many people are even reading it and that doesn’t matter to me. The process of expressing a positive thought is very therapeutic.  As I learned of people reading my blog it has motivated me even more to post regularly and make sure I have good content.

I have recently moved the blog to wordpress in the more-than-half-full.com domain so I can do more with it. It also helps me understand social media better as I continue my job search.

Blogging has also helped with my writing skills. For you job seekers I know you get tired of customizing every resume and cover letter so writing more is the last thing you want to do.  As with any other skill the more you practice the better you get and the more effective you become.  I hope you have found this to be true if you have followed the blog.

With this all said I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog so far and encourage you to tell your friends especially those who need a lift.   I will keep on writing. I hope you keep on reading and please help your friends who don’t have jobs.  They need you for  contacts, leads for jobs and most of all as friends.