We had recently taken a trip and just pulled into the garage. It had been a fun trip. Good for work, good to get away with Susan. Then as I was unloading I heard it. HHHHSSSSS. I look at the rear tire and there it is a hole in the tire that is leaking air quickly. I will admit at first I was bit pissed that this was happening.

When I started thinking about my options I realized this was actually good. Flat tires happen but when they happen can make a big difference. It was in the upper 90’s and I could be in a situation where I would have to put the spare on now meaning get dirty and sweaty in the garage where I have little space to move around in and it would be hot. The good news is we have another car and I work from home so I had no urgency to get this fixed in the heat. I could do it when I wanted to.

My next thought was this could have happened while we were driving. That could have meant tire damage, losing control of the car or having an accident or worse. I also wasn’t stuck on the side of the road having to unpack the car and fix this then have to get the tire fixed then put back on.

I was also lucky that my neighbor has an air compressor that enabled me to just fill the tire with enough air to get to my local tire shop who could plug the tire in five minutes. So what could have been a dangerous situation or a real hassle happened but it happened when and where it wasn’t really a big deal.