Yesterday our new friend from Germany arrived. Susan and the boys picked her up at the airport for her three week visit.

Felicitas- from Freudenstad Germany is working to improve her english and get some American culture. I don’t know who will be more shocked her or the boys.

Things will be a bit different for Nick and Robert as they adjust to having an 18 year old girl in the house. That means closing the bathroom door and always having good manners.

Feli loves that we have ceiling fans and that you can get chilled water and ice out of the door of the refriderator.

Another relief to her was that we have another car that is smaller than the Expidition which probably looks like a bus to her.

We will enjoy the next few weeks sharing our lives with her and learning about her and where she is from.

Stay tuned as we share our adventure with Felicitas.